Google’s Password Checkup Extension Adding Directly Into Chrome

Having your password stolen through your web browser data breaches, it’s a very threat to all people using the internet. To help users with this problem, Google originally announced password checkup extension embedding directly into chrome. This extension automatically checks whether if your credentials have been compromised.

Google password extension for chrome, which was released in February, analyzes password and usernames and alerts users if they’re part of any major security breaches. More than 650,000 users have been downloaded this extension. Apart from that Google also monitors Dark web to check for leaked credentials. The majority of users of this extension have been used to scan more than 1 percent of overall sign-ins. 

Now Google has announced, Chrome will come with password checkup built-in, so the password checks are performed automatically. Therefore users won’t need to download the extension or no need to worry about adding the feature into Chrome.

On top of that, Google also embedded Password Checkup into users’ Google Accounts. You can check your security of the password by just view It’ll tell you whether your password has been compromised on the sites. Also, It’ll warn against how many passwords that have been reused across the multiple sites and suggest password from weaker to be strengthened.

Most users complained and worried about Google monitoring your password, but they say that they are encrypted all password and there was no way of viewing them. Actually making the Password extension should benefit those who still think their credentials were safe on the web. Data shows that one-quarter of the USA have used weak passwords, as well as more than millions of worldwide who think abc123 is a strong password. 

Chrome this year has been introduced password features include, password exports and a password suggestion tool to create stronger passwords.

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