Samsung will have to pay Galaxy S4 owners $10 for shaded process

In Brief: Are you an owner of a Galaxy S4, Samsung’s flagship handset? or were you from 2013? Then Samsung company owes you $10 because of its shaded process.

A few months after its launch, it was discovered that Samsung had brought source code to the Galaxy S4 that turned into capable of hit upon when sure benchmarking software became running, at this point the GPU frequency might change around 11 percent from 490MHz to around 530MHz.

Samsung responded after by requiring the maximum frequency for the Galaxy S4 was 533MHz, however, it was scaled down for “certain gaming apps which can intend an overload.” This didn’t prevent a long-running lawsuit that alleged the organization became deceptive clients over the overall performance of the phone.

Samsung argued that simplest security concerns and breaches had to be revealed to most of the people and that it wasn’t legally required to disclose the benchmark-affecting code. But it ultimately decided to settle the case.

Somewhat oddly, Samsung never once denied the authentic claims yet nonetheless fought the real lawsuit all the way to US Supreme Court. They argued that they were now not legally obligated to expose the benchmark-cheating code to ability consumers and owners. They stated that the best security problems and breaches needed to be shared with the general public.

Now, after nearly 3 years, the agency looks set to settle with an exceptional. When accounted for the wide variety of sales, that $13.4 million equates to just $10 for every Samsung Galaxy S4 owner. That isn’t a massive payout however free cash, is loose cash in the end.

Not most effective is Samsung paying a fine, but it must additionally refrain from handling benchmark rankings on its devices till 2022. While that means it can resort to the identical techniques with every other Galaxy tool in three years, it might possibly lead to another lawsuit.

While $10 isn’t exactly a lot of cash, free money is easy money. Samsung hasn’t yet released details on how owners can claim their payment, but they’ll likely arrive soon. We’ll be sure to update this article or post a new one once we know more.




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